E3Live Retreats


Michael Saiber has been eating a healthy organic diet for approaching 50 years now and has dined at fine restaurants all over the world and loves organic, fresh plant based and raw "LIVE" food! He had heard about a retreat in Bimini, Bahamas where they swim with wild dolphins and prepare raw gourmet meals. He researched information about the chef working the retreats, was intrigued by the photos he saw of Lisa's food and began a quest to find her, but at that time Lisa was in working in France at another retreat, then later returned to her Island home in Grand Bahama. 

One divine day, in the spring of 2017 the stars aligned and Michael was at a Humane Society benefit at Garden of the Groves botanical gardens in Freeport, Grand Bahama where Lisa was there selling some of her organic baked goods and farm fresh creations. A new friendship emerged. Since that day Lisa has been preparing delicious and nutritious meals for Michael and his family and he considers her to be a five star chef.


I am a self taught, intuitive chef that has been creating in the kitchen since the age of 9. I have cooked and learned from people I look up to, starting with my grandmother who taught me to bake, using only the finest ingredients and a huge spoonful of love! My parents were both amazing cooks that shared their love of decadent gourmet foods and entertaining.

I have been cooking and creating for many years, leaning towards organic seasonal and locals foods, cooking in traditional and non- traditional ways. I love taking my families gourmet and "down home" comfort food recipes (traditionally unhealthy, but delicious) re- working them to develop the same flavors and textures and to create a healthier, more nourishing version. I specialize in organic, plant based, cooked and body nourishing "live" foods. 

When I cook for others I have a peaceful mindset and it becomes a meditative process. I think about the flavors, what the guest might like, the colors, how everything is coming together, the order of things and the presentation. I believe the love and energy you have when preparing meals is infused into what you make.

It nourishes my soul to nourish others!